First of all, thanks for reading my “About Me” page.

I guess you already know that I am SEO / PPC Consultant, based in London. I am working for a privately-owned company in Central London, plus I offer my services under my business Whizz People.

SEO and PPC consultancy are not just my job, they are my passion.

Over the past ten years, I have been involved with the internet and online marketing; from programming to SEO and PPC.

Sometimes, I feel you will be interested to know more about me before deciding to work with me. So here we go…

Cadet college taught me discipline and hard work.

I was born in Bangladesh in a middle-class family where family values and education are the top priorities. I wanted to join the Bangladesh Army, because I used to see my Dad working with Army everyday. In my childhood, I was admitted to Rangpur Cadet College (military school) and passed my O-level and A-level equiv.

I was bored with military life after spending six years in Cadet College and grew rather more interested in computers and technology. I graduated from East West University, Dhaka in Computer Science and joined a local software company.

After two years, I decided to come to London for further education. In 2008, I was awarded Distinction (achieved the highest mark) in MSc in Information Systems Development from London Metropolitan University. Also, my project was awarded the best project in my department.

I learned SEO to bring traffic to my sites

From 2006, I was working for a group that housed several brands under their company banner as a Developer and SEO consultant. After the economic meltdown, the company was shut down, and I started my full-time freelance consultancy service.

In 2011, I started my company Whizz People and brought other professionals under the same umbrella to provide a 360 deg digital media service.

I was one of the few to start blogging about blogging, WordPress, SEO, Google Adsense in Bengali.

I am addicted to gadgets and a self-confessed Google fan. I try to take pictures (!) too, some people may call it Photography. I love WordPress, and used to write about it and provide customization services under the WordPress Rockers banner. I participated in two WordCamp events and learned the incredible power of WordPress from the hardcore WordPress community members.

I am also an active member of photography, small business, WordPress and SEO Meetup.com groups.

I like coffee over tea and love Chinese food.

About Me
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About Me
Jinnat Ul Hasan
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