Google Android Wear - Google Watch Preview

The Wearables War Has Just Started… Google Took The Lead

Till today, everyone was talking about wearable consumer products and its bright future. But none was able to show us any proof. Both tech giants, Google and Apple were giving us signals, but kept their lips sealed.

However, earlier today, Sundar Pichai unveiled Google’s tailored OS for wearable devices, called Android Wear. To demonstrate the OS, Google released a video featuring Android powered watches.

You may already know how a smartwatch will be coupled with your smartphone. Google Watches won’t be any different. You will be able to receive your notifications, messages, alarms, fitness data, music, reviews, location data etc from the phone via your watch.

All looking great so far. Most of the features in the video use different Google Now cards, which is powered by semantic search aka Google Knowledge Graph.

It’s an exciting development. Already a number of vendors including Motorola, LG, Fossil have announced their associations with the announcement. Later this year, Motorola will be launching its first Android Wear powered smartphone Moto 360.

How Android Wear is different from Samsung Galaxy watches?

Samsung’s two efforts (first with Android and this year with Tizan) to bring smartwatch in your everyday life is likely to be a flop for a few reasons. First one is Compatibility. Galaxy Smartwatch only work with Samsung Galaxy phones. On the other hand, Android Wear watches will be different (at least I hope), they will work with any Android phone, regardless their vendors.

Secondly, Samsung watches were quite bulky and square shaped, not to everyone’s taste. Surprisingly, watches in the video, are all elegant and well-built, and most of them are round shaped. I imagine Google will engage Nest team with the vendors to give us beautifully designed watches.

Where is Apple?

Apple had dominated with a clear hold on design and innovation but it’s absence in this new chapter is palpable. It is perhaps a bit too early in the game to give a verdict, but everyone was eagerly expecting Apple to launch iWatch or something new and take charge of the soon-to-be booming wearables market.

When asked today about the Android Wear and Apple’s move, Apple refused to comment.

All I can say is that the next big war after the Smartphone war, has well begun. It won’t stop at watches as Google has already indicated that Android can be used in jackets and other wearables. Google took almost three years to beat Apple in the smartphone war and has now spearheaded with its slick wearables.

So, who do you think will be the winner and who will play catch-up in this race?

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