Google Chromecast Audio Unboxing & My Very Biased Review!

I should be clear right from the start that I am very biased to Google. So if you are looking for an impartial review, this post is definitely not for you.

When Google announced Chromecast 2nd Gen (or Chromecast 2015) and Chromecast Audio, I really liked the idea of a device that can connect with any speaker and stream music from different apps. So when you take your speaker to the garden to enjoy music with your barbecue or do not want to keep the mobile or any other device occupied with the speaker (via wire or bluetooth), you definitely want to use a Chromecast Audio.

I already own a Chromecast 1st Gen. When Google started the pre-order, I instantly ordered the Chromecast Audio and received it yesterday.

Chromecast Audio Unboxing

It’s pretty simple box, nothing much to explain.

The box contains the Chromecast Audio (of course), 3.5mm stereo cable, power cable and adapter. I liked the way it displays the instruction on the packaging doing away with the superfluous instruction guide. This is such a simple device that you will probably need no assistance at all for setup.

Chromecast Audio Setup

Once the device is switched on and connected with my dumb speakers (Logitech Z-906 5.1 Speakers), I moved to my Nexus 6 and started the Chromecast app.

The new Chromecast instantly appeared on the app.
Chromecast Audio Setup

Next few steps are quite simple. I just followed the instructions and Chromecast was connected with the phone and it asked to link with the home Wifi.

Once it is fully setup, all the compatible devices showed up on the welcome screen and I chose to play Google Music. Enjoy!

Very Biased Review


  • It is really cheap compared to other devices. I will definitely talk about Sonos system – it uses a similar technology but speakers are quite expensive if you are planning to setup multi-room sound system.
  • Simple to setup and use. Plus I like the idea of guest mode – Guest mode makes it even easier for your friends to stream (or cast) music to your speakers, after initial setup by using their phones without first having to connect to your Wi-Fi.
  • I use Google Music to store all my music and it gives me the freedom to connect with any device (mobile phones, laptops, desktops etc.)


  • A minor niggle but I always get worried when electronic devices get warm. Like its predecessors, this device too readily heats up after being in use for a short duration.
  • I often hear people complaining about few available apps. I think Google should start encouraging app developers to concentrate on Chromecast- only apps. Google has already made our basic TVs and speakers more functional. Now it’s time to do more.

Are you planning to buy one? Can’t decide yet? Feel free to leave a comment and I will try to answer accordingly.


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