Loser of the week – Unblocksit.es

This week, two websites have been penalised by Google, Unblocksit.es and Carphone Warehouse. While Carphone Warehouse has lost 44% SEO Visibility, with 98% visibility drop, Unblocksit.es becomes our loser of the week.


Its quite easy to guess why Google took action against the website.


According to the site, you can use it to visit blocked sites! Now looking at the list of ranking keywords, I can see that the site has been used mostly for visiting adult and porn websites.

Recently Google has taken strong actions against porn sites and how it filters out explicit contents. It is just matter of time, Google will punish all the websites which are promoting explicit contents. I guess this is just the start.

Google has not de-indexed Unblocksit.es site, it has just issued ranking penalties.

2 thoughts on “Loser of the week – Unblocksit.es”

  1. Ello,

    I just want to know how did you check the SEO visibility ? and how do I check for other website.

    I think it is good if google took action against porn website and content.

    if I used that “ADULT” word for my product so want to know how to google filter that content because some time we use adult word for cloths and other things or products.

    1. Screen grab is from Searchmetrics Suite.

      I don’t think Google will punish for explicit keywords, punishment for intention of your service.

      For the above website, they could have filtered out any adult request, they kept themselves safe.

      Thanks for your comment.

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