YotaPhone 2 – Can It Change The Mobile Phone Design Tradition?


I am just back from YotaPhone 2 Launch event at Brick Lane. I was number one in the queue at the shop, but I decided to join the event. So left the shop and when I came back, I became the 2nd person to buy a YotaPhone 2 owner.



So what’s the fuss about it?

YotaPhone 2 is the first dual-screen phone in the world. It has regular display on one side and e-ink display on its back (like the Kindle). You can read all the features about this phone on the it’s website.

I would like to Pros and Cons of the phone in my point of view.


  • Fairly powerful specs. Details at PhoneArena.
  • Crisp 441 ppi 5.0″ display – 1920 x 1080 pixels.
  • It’s a well-built phone, size-wise it reminds me Nexus 4 phone. It’s a revolution to place the 2nd screen. E-ink display allows you to read eBooks for long periods.
  • “Always on” display keep you updated all the time without draining the battery. YotaEnergy mode can go upto 48+ hours, and Reading a book on EPD 100 hours.


  • It’s high price, £555. It is priced in the same level of iPhone 6 16GB (£539), Nexus 6 64GB (£549), Samsung Galaxy Note 4 (£599).
  • According to the phone manufacturer, it is using older Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor to keep the heat low to save it’s e-ink screen from damage.
  • No expandable memory, no removable battery.
  • In my hour long experience, I have found the e-ink display sluggish and suffers from ghosting issues.
  • Not many apps are optimised for it’s e-ink display.


It’s pricy! Honestly if I were not a gadget enthusiast, it would be a hard decision for me to buy this phone just because it has two screens and it can run for multiple days without charging. I believe if it was in £300-£350 range, it may sell in respectable figure. E-ink may become an industry-standard, but can’t imagine it popular very soon.

Are you planning to buy the phone? share your thoughts!

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